ULTIMATE CRN-5 - Subscription
ULTIMATE CRN-5 - Subscription
ULTIMATE CRN-5 - Subscription
ULTIMATE CRN-5 - Subscription
ULTIMATE CRN-5 - Subscription
ULTIMATE CRN-5 - Subscription
ULTIMATE CRN-5 - Subscription
ULTIMATE CRN-5 - Subscription

“If you’re looking to explode your strength and reps, this is the stuff.”

— Ryan W., Crazy Nutrition Customer

5X The Strength & Stamina Than Other Creatine Formulas

Crazy Nutrition’s CRN-5 creatine formula is crafted with 5 types of creatine plus electrolytes to help boost energy, support lean muscle mass, and maintain hydration— giving your muscles more strength to push out those last reps you didn’t know you had.



60-day, 100% money back guarantee


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Crazy Nutrition’s CRN-5 creatine formula is made with five different types of creatine for 5X the workout intensity without cycling, loading, or bloating.

We also added a premium blend of minerals to support electrolytes for muscle hydration so you can lift harder and recover faster.

Intensity Your Athletic Performance

  • Strength Watch your reps go up
  • Hydration Keep muscles hydrated
  • ATP Energy Fuels ATP for intense power
  • Recovery Improve muscle recovery post-workout

Works For All Athletes

  • Gym
  • Track
  • Outdoors
  • Crossfit
  • Resistance Training

Crazy Nutrition’s CRN-5 creatine formula is to be taken on a daily basis 30
minutes before a workout.

  • STEP 1

    Add 1 scoop of CRN-5 to 16 oz of water, either in a shaker or in a glass.

  • STEP 2

    Shake or stir— and enjoy the delicious orange mango flavor as you fuel your muscles with incredible energy + hydration.

  • STEP 3

    Intensify your workout for incredible muscle strength you can feel... and others will see.

“There’s a ton of creatine formulas out there. Most are mono or HCL and they taste like crap and usually contain low-grade ingredients.

What I like about Crazy Nutrition’s CRN-5 is the perfectly-combined ratios of five premium creatine ingredients plus added electrolytes to keep my muscles fueled. This is the real deal— it also tastes incredible, like a popsicle.”

Nick Manning
Fitness Model

“This is the best creatine formula I’ve used. Tastes delicious. Mixes great. And it gives me the drive, strength, and energy I’m looking for.
I would never go hard without a high-grade creatine formula— and this is easily the best around.”

Claire Aves
IFBB Figure Pro

You’re 100% Covered By
Our Crazy 60-Day Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll experience the results you’re looking for, we offer a no-hassle,
100% money back guarantee.

Try us for 60 days, free of risk, and if you do not see and feel a difference in your
performance, then we’ll refund your investment and won’t hold it against you.


60-day, 100% money back guarantee

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Nutrition’s CRN-5 Creatine formula?

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Joe C.
United States United States

First time user

It’s still early, but I have noticed I’ve been able to go heavier on certain lifting exercises than I was doing prior to taking CRN-5. The taste isn’t great but I’m not talking it to enjoy a cold beverage. So far it’s helping in the areas it claims to help in, I’ll keep buying it for sure.

Ricky G.
India India

I use this to recover

“I’m bending over and lifting heavy boxes all day. I was using creatine to help with the fatigue and help me recover from muscle soreness. I wanted something stronger and that lasted longer than the cheap creatine formulas you find at the store. Found this CRN-5 online on a list of the best new creatine formulas to try and I started a subscription. This is my new favorite. It does way more than just a normal creatine. I feel stronger while at work and I feel like my soreness is way down.”

Ken P.
India India

Creatine is awesome

“We all love creatine because it works. Makes you feel awesome. Gives you strength. It’s the best stuff that works. With that said, this one's my favorite. It’s new and premium. But per scoop it’s super affordable. It mixes well. Works right away. And tastes like a mango orange smoothie. Stay away from that junk with a ton of caffeine. This feels like natural energy and it lasts a long time. Highly recommended.”

Bruce B.
India India

Good strength - wish it had caffeine

“I’m giving it 4 stars just because I like a little caffeine in mine and this doesn’t have it. But surprisingly I still felt more energized than other creatine formulas I’ve tried. The electrolytes are great because I also do keto and have a tough time remembering to take in more electrolytes. This is a premium formula for sure. The combination of ingredients feels great and smooth. I’ll order again.”

Pete N.
India India

Great flavor - works as advertised

“I would get bloated from drinking all of the water with other creatine formulas. That’s why I switched over to this one because it had electrolytes and no caffeine. So I wasn’t peeing all the time or ******* down another bottle of water. First week felt great. Second week felt even better. Bi-ceps are bigger, thicker. I can see lines in my definition. I’ll probably start up on the subscription.”